Some Things You Must Know About 5Linx!

Published: 02nd December 2009
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The Story behind 5Linx?

What and who are 5linx? They are a telecommunications company if you will. They a taking an apporach at business offering a business opportunity on the other side for people to promote them. In 2001 is when 5linx originally entered the MLM industry. Many people think they are coming to an end. Then you turn around and they will have put a new product out have this huge write up in a couple different home based business magazines...

They use the same process for communication as Skype, Google Talk, Vonage, Magic Jack... VOIP is what this technology is called. That stands for "Voice over internet protocol". Not sure too many of you care about the technical part of it. This is a global communication system thats growing very fast and used by internet. When they first came out they were very possibly alone in the industry..

Is 5Linx for you ?

I am very involved in the MLM industry this is the main reason why i am writing this review. I have grown a passion of writing reviews on companies in the MLM industry.Also many other aspects of the MLM industry. I pay very close attention to most or any legitimate companies such as 5Linx that come along.

They are truly popping up as fast as they possibly can, growth in MLM is at an all time high. Which in fact is very good for the industry. Why i would not personally choose to grow a business with 5linx. Now this is my personal opinion and don't be hasty. This is personal reasons so no need to get upset here. If your already involved with 5linx stay with it please until you are certain it's not for you. A lot of people see reviews about there company and immediately jump ship. They move to the next thing they see that seems better not a good idea at all...

5Linx ? Should You or Shouldn't You?

I could almost write the review of why not 5linx quite literally. Why ? I am going to give you just the main reasons behind why i personally wouldn't ever join 5linx.

First , technolgy based products ? To sell on the open market those type products do very well but when you introduce them into network marketing. This can be a big problem. Due to the fact of product saturation as you may see today with all of the different voip products done by people and other companies. Negative price pressure begins happening which is where you can find the same thing different places for much less. Essentially driving companies out of business. And that would be yours getting that boot.

Simply due to the fact that other people have the same thing for less money. This is often done by Chinese companies today they seem to love it these days. So there you are standing on the ground floor once again.

So this brings us to the second major point..

Secondly, If you have ever watched the MLM Industry technology based products never stick around for the long haul. You don't want to be in this position ,Do You?Up front commissions can be what makes these companies worth while as it was in the beginning of 5Linx.Brings back some memeories for me and getting involved with a company called Excel Communication and my month long trial. They had the same concept and services as 5linx. Based simply on technology of the times but doing marketing like a 1970 hair salon.Gladfully never dropped a bunch of money into that opportunity. I quickly realized that i could only make money off the people i knew and whoever i could pitch the best to .In the beginning for that company as well people were setting MLM records.

According to 5linx official income statistics a representatives income potential was dropping on average by over 50% in one year. 2006-2007. This price drop in product actually kills the potential to make money with companies as such. If you are currently in 5linx and making money the way you would like to don't quit unless you find a company that you are more comfortable with.

The potential truly lies within the person more than it does the company. If your goal is to become a top income earner in 5linx or any other company. Serious in your business and wanting to create massive leads and a top producing comany. In whatever company you choose.

If you want to learn the strategy and secrets that can have 20-50 leads coming in every day. Becoming a top income earner by using the internet to leverage your company with leading edge technology. Using the right training and step by step process that will take away the learning curve for your business.This will simply make your business prosper in the right direction quickly. Follow the link below to get this training. You and your business deserve this Now so don't wait. Get ahead of the rest.

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